• Your heart pumps 100000 times a day
  • 35 million times a year
  • and approximately 2.6 billion times in your entire life

Through Yoga I help people feel better with a new diagnosis, to overcome complex diseases, and to understand how their body functions.

  • Evolution
  • Instrument
  • Self-Realization
  • Inspiration
  • Union
  • Acceptance

The art of teaching Yoga to those in real need of it.

I believe that each individual on earth is an instrument of evolution. Yoga is the gift to self realisation. When I teach, I inspire my students to move freely and to dance with awareness from one stage in life, evolving into the next.

I share my knowlege in yoga with a special population: those living with heart disease, cancer and other debilitating and chronic diseases.


Sherezade trained as a Hatha Yoga Cardiac and Cancer Therapist in US, under the guidance of worldwide recognized teachers who are closely involved in high standard research regarding the benefits of Yoga for chronic illnesses.

She is a qualified Yoga teacher by Triyoga and member of The British Wheel of Yoga, and currently lives and teaches in Central London.

She shares her passion of Yoga with those affected by or at risk of developing heart disease, cancer and other debilitating diseases such as stress, anxiety and autoimmune conditions.

Sherezade is a registered research nurse specializing in diabetes and cardiology, with extensive knowledge in clinical practice. Currently she works in the management of cardiac arrhythmias, where she implements her knowledge of yoga with those experiencing heart complications. She works closely with high standard medical practitioners who wish to improve their patients well-being and health while they are going through the road of disease and acceptance. Together, they  provide the best quality of care in Western medicine, thus bringing the holistic perspective to optimise the function of every system in the body through Yoga, Nutrition, Mindfulness and relaxation.

At present she combines her two passions; helping those who are in real need of yoga and contributing to create quality research studies in the field of cardiology.

She has developed a yoga and nutrition program specially designed to enhance and improve her patients’ health and well being along side, and in the professional medical association with conventional medicine.

        Sherezade started dancing at a very young age, becoming a lover and student of movement and expression. She moved to Barcelona to follow her first passion–ballet and dance professionally. However, life had different plans for her.

Her introduction to meditation and yoga started while she was still a dancer but more in depth as she began to explore new ways to heal herself from two chronic autoimmune diseases. Through a transformational journey, she found yoga was the key instrument through which her healing process was fulfilled.

Having studied and worked in an allopathic environment and having seen and experienced the consequences of the body and mind misalignments, Sherezade dedicated her time to search for a holistic path so as to find more meaningful answers about health and disease. In order to respond to many scientific questions, she decided to take a step further and went to study how yoga may positively affect many chronic conditions. She is passionate about preventative medicine, and works much more closely with patients and clients undergoing treatment and/or rehabilitation.

She firmly believes that modern medicine is needed in modern world, yet she encourage everyone who is travelling through the road of disease to think twice about its uses and methodologies.

‘When it comes to health, you have to see what works for you best. We normally find the answer by listening from within’

Sherezade has been part of several publications in well known scientific institutions and medical magazines and is currently writing her own piece in the management of stress factors and heart disease through Yoga, Meditation and self-acceptance.

Emphasising the importance of breathing and correct body alignment are key points in all her classes, but safety is her first priority. Sherezade thinks that the connection we have with nature and others is directly linked with the relationship we have with ourselves.

‘I strongly believe that the practice of Yoga goes infinitely farther than stepping on a mat and I think that there is a close relationship between the way we practice yoga and the way we live our life.’

She believes that each individual on earth is an instrument of evolution and yoga is the gift to self realisation.

‘I see Yoga as an essential part of my life. It keeps me in contact with who I truly am. I encourage everyone to begin their practice and open themselves to the possibility of change and evolution. I honour the practice of Ahimsa (non-violence) and encourage people around me to find it within.’

As she integrates her artistic expression in her practice, she teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and Integral Yoga with enthusiasm, compassion and inspiration. With flowing yet grounded sequences, she guides students to practice slow and mindful movements and to create safe transitions.

She feels honoured and blessed having studied with many of the leading UK and worldwide teachers and authors like: Jean Hall, Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Celest Pereira, Ryan Spielman, Emma Henry, Elena Brower, Carlos Pomeda, Nischala Joy Devi and Richard Rosen amongst others.

Sherezade is a passionate sun seeker, piano player and walking meditation enthusiast.


“One of the most thoroughly neglected areas of the body education is the awareness of what is happening inside: the dialogue between inner and outer experience in relation to the whole person. We spend much of our time involved in outer perception through the specialised sense organs of sight, sound, taste, smell nd touch. We are generally less involved in developing our capacities for inner sensing which is the ability of the nervous system to monitor inner states of the body. How and why do we progressively close down our capacity for body listening?

There is often a sense that one is either the master or the victim of one’s own body. Hence, it is important to understand that the body has its own way of functioning, its own way of telling us what’s going on inside, its own logic. Much of our task is to learn to listen.”

-Body Stories


I help all my patients and clients to become part of their own health and to participate in their healing process. With mindfulness and acceptance, I offer the tools to live a more intentional and fulfilled life. The yogic concept of health and disease enables us to understand that the cause of physical disorders stems from the seed in the mind and beyond.

I have absolute passion for helping others to restore their health. I believe in a philosophy where all individuals are in control of their own feelings at any stage in life. Disease and illness is an inevitable part of life but what we do and how we face it has a tremendous impact on your overall well-being.

Classes & Therapies

I teach different styles of yoga with different methodologies: Hatha, Vinyasa and Integral Yoga (method that I use as a therapeutic intervention). I also teach Meditation, Stress management techniques, breath awareness interventions and I conduct all the therapies for The Breathing Practice Programme. I offer private classes (one-to-one), small groups, hospital sessions, home visits and health assessments.

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I believe that disease develops due to imbalances and disharmony in body, mind and spirit. Also affected by the external environment and lifestyle. Yoga, when practiced with awareness, offers a peaceful and conscious state of mind where our mental and physical misalignments have the space to be explored, accepted and healed.

Yoga & Medicine

My approach to yoga merges facets of modern medicine and ancient Yogic principles in order to help you regain health, well-being and harmony. Based on the patient or client individual requirements, my classes are specifically designed to suit your needs.

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The beauty of a strong & supportive friendship: Yoga and Medicine

Move, Breath, Evolve

What if you could start using a different approach to improve your health? What if these methods could combine the wisdom of ancient practices and the latest medical knowledge? Let me help you in this journey

Nature connectedness

This is one of my principles in life, in my practice and in my teachings. I deeply believe that human health and well-being will suffer if nature does. Recent research has found that nature exposure provides many benefits to humans such as increasing lung capacity, stress resistance - resilience and positivity.

Health assessments

Working alongside with different medical specialist in different medical areas has given me the expertise to perform health assessment and routine medical check up. Health assessments are available for a wide range of reasons:

♢ A new diagnosis or while experiencing a disease
♢ Concerns about your health
♢ Experiencing chronic stress or recovering from it
♢ Simply the desire to change your lifestyle and re-stablish your health

I will be delighted to help you.

Yoga, much more than asanas

There is something much more important than doing all the asanas (poses) with beautiful lines. There is more to Yoga than stretches.
I also teach people who want to begin a yoga journey and would like to improve their flexibility. However, I believe that yoga is much more than asanas and so much more than how they look!.
Expect grounding and calm sessions full of insight and inspiration.

To receive more information about classes, therapies or health assessments, please use the email below


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